Partir à l’international avec 3iL 1

Compulsory mobility period

As the world becomes more global, employers are looking for international profiles. An experience abroad is therefore more than necessary.
That is the reason why at 3iL, to get their engineering degree, students have to study at least one semester abroad or do a 3-month internship in a foreign country. Only overseas students who studied abroad the year before joining 3iL are exempt from participation in mobility periods.

International programs during your training

You can choose between:

To help students prepare their mobility period, 3iL offers them an “intercultural experience” throughout their curriculum. It takes the form of research projects, multicultural exchanges with our international students (30% of our students are international students), and scientific courses taught in English.

International mobility for apprentices

Students with apprentice status face constraints due to their work-study contract. This status may seem an enormous hurdle for those who want to participate to a mobility program. However, at 3iL, the mobility of apprentices is fully integrated into our programs. All of our apprentices have the opportunity to study a semester in Canada or in Europe.