The internships, in France or abroad, punctuate the course of the schooling of the students of 3iL, their purpose being to familiarize the pupils engineers with the occupational environment. It is also for companies the opportunity to transmit a know-how while benefiting from a human resource interesting and being able to bring a new look on their projects.

  •  In 2nd year, it is a question of making a study and/or an IT realization putting into practice at least one of the main teachings of the 2nd year, to deepen one of the aspects met during this experience, to develop and to present the questions aroused by this aspect and the implications which ensue from it internship of 12 weeks.
  • In 3rd year, the internship lasts 24 weeks minimum. It corresponds to the 1st big mission of the engineer. The student is framed by an engineer but he leads his mission in relative autonomy. He is carrying out all the skills and the knowledge acquired during the training. He also uses the available skills in the company. The internship gives rise to the writing of a report in which the student deposits his reflections and widens them beyond the context of the internship. He will have to support this report in front of a jury composed of teachers and professionals. 


Examples of internships :

  • Development of an application JAVA interpreting real-time data circulating via FTP, under several sizes to feed a database MYSQL in an environment Linux
  • Development of features on a tool of harvest automated by information and development of architecture customer / waiter allowing the sharing of charges of harvest on several machines
  • The IT logistic and network department proposes an internship based on the administration of the systems Windows. The trainee will evolve within a team of 3 people. He will define strategies of supervision of the servers according to their specialization and will implement the reserved solutions.
  • Study and IT development of intranet applications, extranet and internet in Perl, PHP, JSP, .. Administration and reassurance of local area network, machine Linux ..