We can help you to find an accommodation during your studies in Limoges and we can act as a guarantor to the owner. In order to make your arrival in Limoges easier, please read carefully the following remarks:

Accommodation are assigned by order of confirmation (to 3iL) and after confirming your arrival date.

Before integrating your new accommodation, you must contact 3iL, to notify us of your arrival. (email: )

The payment of the rent is on a regular-basis, in conformity with the rules and regulations of the owner. Considering that we act as guarantor, any delay or cessation of the payment will involve a postponing of any administrative treatment from 3iL until you pay the due rents.

For residences, it is a one-year lease agreement. Before your arrival, if you asked us a booking to guarantee to you a room, you would have ever paid deposit, plus the first-month rent (you will get back the deposit after the outgoing inventory of fixtures). However, you will have to pay an insurance for the accommodation.

You can also choose your accommodation yourself.

For more information about university halls, consult the CROUS website :

On the CRIJ website, you can also find offers for accommodation:

Housing stipend

The housing stipend can go up to 50% of the rent. The Caisse d’Allocation Familiale de la Haute-Vienne (CAF) deals with these requests within 1 or 2 months.

Before your request will be proceed, your residency permit must be in order.

The stipend will be taken in account from the 1st month after you arrived in Limoges. Each student must take care of his own request and must contact the CAF as soon as he has arrived. For your information, the first month won’t be taken into account in the housing stipend. For more information about housing stipends, please visit the CAF website:


You can find several banks in the city-center to open a bank account.

You must provide to the bank:
– Your passport
– A proof of your residence in Limoges
– Your 3iL student’s card or the certificate which confirms your registration at 3iL
Usual opening hours : Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday morning. 9h-noon / 1h30-5h30pm

Driving license

You shall go to the Prefecture of Haute-Vienne with your foreign driving license, its translation into French and your residency permit. This step must be done during the year of normal residency in France, which corresponds to the effective date of the establishment of the first residency permit.

After this delay, the driving license cannot be exchanged and will be invalid to drive a vehicle in France.

Health and Social Cover

Social Security
All French citizens must pay the social security to benefit from refundable medical care. Overall, foreign students can benefit from the French students social security. For your information, in 2016-2017, the subscription was about 215€ (for students). Nonetheless, according to your age and your home country, you can be exempted of the affiliation to the student social security. Contact directly the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie) to know your situation and the procedure you may have to follow :

What is a mutual fund ?
The subscription to a mutual fund is optional but highly recommended, as you can benefit from reimbursed medical care, in complement of those of Social Security.

Public liability insurance
Students who may do an internship during the academic year must have a « Public liability insurance » (proposed by students’ mutual fund or private insurance companies). If it is delivered in your country, also think to ask your European Health Insurance Card to benefit from the reimbursement of your medical care.

European Health Insurance Card
The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a free card that gives you access to healthcare during a temporary stay in any country of the European Union, in Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland at the same cost as people insured in that country. The EHIC is issued by your national health insurance provider. You must ask it before your leaving from France. For more information about the EHIC, please consult this website: