On successful completion of their second year of engineering, 3iL students are given the opportunity to do their final specialisation year at a university abroad. It gives them access to a various graduate programmes throughout the world.

This prolongs their studies by up to a year but leads to the award of a foreign or french Master’s degree in addition to the 3iL degree. Students can choose from a wide variety of engineering subjects such as computer engineering, embedded systems, data warehouse, Video games, information security and cryptology, graphics computer and design, mathematics and statistics, project management …

3iL students can choose between:

7 dual degrees in Computer Science

ETS : Ecole de technologie Supérieure de Montréal

  1. Master degree in engineering, with a concentration in telecommunications networks
  2. Master degree in information technology
  3. Master degree in software engineering

UQAC : Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

  1. DESS in computer science
  2. DESS in project management
  3. Master degree in computer science with a concentration in video game conception
  4. Master degree in computer science (professional profile)


2 dual degrees in Management

UQAC : Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

  1. DESS in project management

IAE Limoges : Ecole Universitaire de Management de Limoges

  1. Master degree in business administration


2 French dual degrees oriented Research

UNILIM : Université de Limoges

  1. Master of Science degree ISICG (Computer science, computer graphics and graphic design)
  2. Master of science CRYPTIS (Information Security and Cryptology)